About Melissa and IeC

A Journey to Independent e. Consultant

It has taken me some confidence to be able to to build my skills enough so that I may begin this business; which is to focus on serving others with electrical or technological needs. It can be from setting up your sound system to creating a word processing document or a personal website/blog.

I am a born and raised Alaskan Native.  Although I have had many experiences being mistaken as other Nationalities, I am an Inupiaq and Yupik Eskimo from Unalakleet. Oldest of 5, I have followed my dream to becoming an Educator.  I returned to Rural Alaska to teach and learned that I still enjoy working with electronics and technological tools. After my Son was born, I began my journey as being certified in Educational Technology.  For a short while, I thought I would Master in Teaching and Learning within the Educational System; however, realizing that ALL ages are willing to learn how technology can be used as a communication tool, I decided to take my skills and knowledge to assist others in enjoying the digital communication at my expense. 

In one of my Education Classes, an instructor asked us students to consider, if we could return to school with all expenses taken care of, what would you do?  My response was to be an auto mechanic.  Although none of my successful electrical challenges haven't been automotive, I have been able to problem solve and trouble shoot through the mechanics of electronics and technology.

I know that sometimes things can get challenging, and I’m here to ease the load off your shoulders from day one. If you’d like to learn more about how my consulting services can help you or your informational communications with the digital or electrical needs, book a consultation today. Quyana (thank you in Eskimo).

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Technology or Electronics?


I have always been drawn to technology and electronics.  Growing up, my Father brought home an IBM printer and an early version of the Macintosh computer (which, at the time I was not aware of compatibility of electronics). Later, in Jr, High, I was attracted to the iMac computer; however, I was not impressed with the functionality of its provided services. 

After High School, I attended college at the U of Mn, Duluth; where I taught myself how to use the IBM computers and microfilms to complete my research papers.  After graduating, in Juneau, with my BA in Elementary Education, I was assigned to learn and teach Kidspiration, so that I can teach my 6th Grade students how to save assignments as an e-portfolio. The last 10 years of teaching, in Unalakleet,  I volunteered to teach Technology as a "special" class for grades 3-6 rotations. 

The rotational classes allowed me to become comfortable with further my education in Educational Technology.  I began my journey in 2007; however, it took me 12 years to earn my Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology.  I had the desire to teach teachers about the importance of Digital Competency in the classrooms; however, not wanting to dismiss a broader audience of learning about electronic uses, I decided to begin my own business as an Educational Technology Consultant. 

PLUS, I have a grotesque love for problem solving with electronics and tinkering with familiar functions.