Road to New Places

Client Projects

Hoover Dam Knives

March 2022

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. For this project, I helped Paul Walsh of PW Knives define his skills as a blades smith while building his most challenging creation, the Hoover Dam Knives, from a cable used to construct the dam.  Through strategic planning we were able to achieve a great video of his talents skills as a 3rd generation blades smith.

Journey On. Pack Light

May 2022

With this project, I helped my client, Lori Engler,  set up a website for her business, Journey On Pack Light, to sell paper prints of her ceramic- alcohol painted products. I then provided advice and strategic planning to help organize her products online.  Would you like to create your own website?


My Educational Projects

I have a variety of projects throughout my academic career that I am sharing. In every project, I carefully focused on a theme. Check out my work below to find out more.


I was assigned to create an animation for an assignment.  This animation, however, was for fun with my Son to show him how Animaker can be used.


Final for Term Paper

With this project, I took one of my term papers to create a blog as a presentation for Mindfulness.  There are 5 posts that give my perspective of being mindful.  The final version, I use the Animaker to create my perspective of Native Mindfulness.


Explanatory  Video

This project is a great example of how I presented my part in a group project using the Google Apps: Sites, Drive, and Docs.  My focus was incorporating Google Earth as a geographical learning experience.

Geography Lesson

Power Point Show

Decrease your time with projects that I would be able to design for you. 

With this project, I created a Power Point Presentation of my Personal Learning Environment for Educational Technology.  If there's a document, presentation, or special occasion you need created or want to learn, definitely make an appointment.  What can it hurt? This is why I am here.